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We at “Medicamp”, work for the potential business opportunities to at one hand promote quality health care products and on the other hand to promote healthy life to individuals in Pakistan. We at “Medicamp”, a group of companies working in all sectors of health care right from state of arts manufacturing plant of Life Saving Drugs (Medicines) to a Wide Range Distribution Network and Marketing and Sales of Surgical Sutures, Polypropylene Hernia Mesh, trading of Medical Devices, Surgical Disposables, Surgical/Medical Instruments etc. of many World Known FDA Approved International Companies.

We have Knowledge, Access and Resources to address all kinds of Stakeholders in the Supply Chain and our Supply Chain Management System is well equipped with Expertise to fulfill needs of all our Clientage in the Territory. 

  • At Medicamp International we are importing as Exclusive Distributor the World’s Top Brands with an Unbeatable Quality from Genicon USA (Endoscopic Disposable Instrumentations), Kollsut Corporation USA (Sutures & Polypropylene Mesh), Healthicon UK Ltd. (Surgical Staplers “Skinstap”), Medel Group Italy (Diagnostic Medical Devices), Our Marketing Team constitutes 55 Very Target Oriented Marketing People having Strong Knowledge of Promoting any International Brand in the Territory. 

  • At Glitz Pharma a State of Arts Manufacturing Plant, Manufactures Life Saving Drugs and its Marketing Team constitute of 345 Professional Marketers who are present in all areas of Pakistan promoting Glitz Products with Brand Orientation. 

We have direct Access to the end Users and can play vital role in the marketing and sales of any Brands by beating the competition in the territory of Pakistan.

  • At "Medicamp Distributional Network" some 25 Sales Professionals are working in Sales extensions to enhance business opportunities by distributing our own Brands, International Brands and also the Brands of our Principal Companies in the Territory. We have a Strong Logistics System with our Fully Mechanized Vehicle.

  • At our Medicamp Pharmacies Network some 30 individuals are working in Health Sector Establishing Our Own Pharmacies (Retail Outlets) inside the Health Facilities of Government, Armed Forces as well Private Hospitals, promoting and selling Life saving drugs, vaccines, medical devices, Oncology and rehabilitation Products, etc. to enhance quality life to Pakistani individuals. 

We have strong working relationships with Decision makers throughout the Territory of Pakistan and can be Potential Partner to any National/International & Multi-National Brand in our Emerging Health Sector.



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